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Yoga Mat Spray

Yoga Mat Spray

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Did you know bacteria can live on surfaces for days or even weeks?   

The reason you are getting an ‘old sweaty smell’ from your yoga mat isn't because you have not been cleaning it correctly! It is because you have not been using a 100% Natural Antibacterial Yoga Mat Spray blended with aromatherapy oils to cleanse and refresh your yoga mat. We have created the perfect blend which contains antibacterial properties to help clean your mat and space while keeping it fresh and protected. 

The base of our spray is Witch Hazel water (alcohol free) which can help remove dirt, sweat and oils that accumulate on yoga mats during practice. It has mild cleansing properties which make it suitable for cleaning. It can also help neutralise smells. It is gentle, non toxic & alcohol free. It doesn't contain harsh chemicals or irritants that could degrade the mat. Witch Hazel water has moisturising properties that can help prevent the mat from becoming dry which is a great plus if your mat is made of materials like rubber or cork, which may benefit from the hydration to help prolong the lifespan of the mat. We have carefully selected essential oils for their antimicrobial properties. They help combat bacteria, fungi and other germs that may accumulate on the mat. Our Yoga Mat Sprays come in two beautiful options…


Botanical Bliss 💮

Lavender ~ Soothing

Lemongrass ~ Focused

Eucalyptus ~ Refreshing & invigorating 

Cedarwood ~ Grounding & centering 


Citrus Mint 🌿

Orange ~ Uplifting & energising 

Peppermint ~ Awakens the senses 

Eucalyptus ~ Refreshing & invigorating 

Patchouli ~ Grounding & centering