Our founder Fiona

Together with Shane and their children, Meg, Alex, and Aoife, Away with Nature is more than a brand, it's a family's promise to offer relaxation and restoration through natural harmony.


The Roots of Our Passion.

Away with Nature began as a personal quest in 2020 when Fiona, our founder, faced the challenge of managing her rosacea and psoriasis. She found comfort in the healing powers of nature and dove into the world of organic skincare.

After many hours of experimenting with different formulas,

Fiona created a special blend that not only soothed her skin but also brought out its natural glow. This journey was more than just about finding a solution. It was about connecting deeply with nature and herself. Her vision is now our guiding star, to help each person’s natural beauty shine through with our nurturing, nature-inspired product range.

Unveiling Radiance, Inspiring Well-being.

Infusing nature’s essence into every creation for well-being & balance.

Our ethos is about embracing a lifestyle of self-care, relaxation, and natural harmony.

We're driven by a mission that goes beyond conventional beauty. From soothing balms to natural fragrances, we aim to blend wellness and nature’s healing in every jar, bottle, and wick.

Award-Winning Natural Skincare & Wellbeing Products. 


    Serenity Roller Blend

    We have been awarded the Best Aromatherpay Product,  Bronze Award at the Global Green Beauty Awards 2023, for our Serenity Roller Blend


    Golden Facial Oil

    We are the proud recipients of the Best Skincare Product for Mums, Gold Award at the Mama & Baby Tots Awards 2023 for our Golden Facial Oil


Join Us on a Journey of Discovery and Wellness.

We believe in building connections, not just with our customers but with the wider community. Through collaborations, events, and online interactions, we aim to create a space where everyone can share their experiences and learn more about the benefits of a natural lifestyle.

Every step is an experience, a journey towards discovering the true potential of natural skincare and embracing a life in harmony with nature.

"I just want everyone to feel good about themselves" Fiona xo