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The Burren Luxury Incense Patchouli

The Burren Luxury Incense Patchouli

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Embark upon the magic that is the Burren and all wonders and curiosities it unearths in our time, was this once part of a greater connection to mother earth…

A slice of Irish magic with all the colours on show, it's not hard to believe the Burren formed under vanishing tropical seas. With 259 square kilometres, this landscape was sculpted over the last 2 million years by god and his glaciers. Once the sea bed of the west, a vast mystery of flora and fauna resides here and on the east coast of northern America, bringing light to the imagination of how the world was once connected.

Patchouli oil is believed to have spiritual properties and is often used to enhance spiritual connection. Patchouli is an aphrodisiac and has stimulation properties. Benefits include relief from colds and flu, ease of stress and relief from depression. It is also very good for the skin.

Patchouli is a very sacred scent and BeKind Industries felt it was extremely fitting to match the vast wonder of this magical place "The Burren"