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Ring of Kerry Luxury Incense Champa

Ring of Kerry Luxury Incense Champa

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A journey through the breath-taking Kingdom, so good for the soul. Cusping on the edge of what was once thought of as the edge of the world. This magical landscape will fill you with awe after every turn.

Be Kind Industries have made it their job to help you Be Kind to yourself – Body, Mind & Spirit. Our number one mission is to promote and encourage healthy well-being to lead a fulfilling life with a positive mindset. They believe in sourcing the most ethical and natural products and plant medicines available.

Hand-rolled incense in small batches to produce the ultimate in luxury, ethically produced using only natural ingredients.

8″ long sticks, 10 sticks per pack, each weighing just over 1 gram with a burn time of around 40 minutes. Approximately 4 hours of burning time in the entire pack.

  • Hand rolled
  • Natural ingredients
  • Chemical-free
  • Temple grade incense
  • Ethically produced 

Directions for use:

Light tip of incense, blow out flame with caution allowing the stick to smoulder and fragrance the air. To extinguish dip stick in water or press top against hard heat resistant surface. Keep out of the reach of children. Don't leave burning incense unattended. Refrain from touching or moving burning incense.