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Avoca Luxury Incense Orange Blossom

Avoca Luxury Incense Orange Blossom

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Orange blossom incense is a beautiful blend of resins, musk and florals, often used for wisdom and truth-seeking. Perfect for opening space and creating space for oneself in ceremony, ritual, meditation or yoga practice. To help remove the Vale and see underneath. This luxury hand-rolled blend is exhilarating and cheerful, the result is a fresh and fragrant breath of unity that enhances the atmosphere and brings a room to life.

Avoca is one of Wicklow’s best-known villages, a place stuck in time that captures the heart. The famous meeting of the waters resides here, famous for its handweaving and copper mines, a filming location for many shows over the years. The mining village dates back to the bronze age, a memorial cross to pay tribute is erected on the old mine entrance. Avoca has been matched to this incredible hand-rolled incense creation as it represents the Vale of Avoca, and we seek to remove the Vale to find our truth and our true self in ceremony, ritual, meditation and yoga, a perfect and obvious match.

"There is not in this wide world a valley so sweet, As the vale in whose bosom the bright waters meet"

~ Thomas Moore ~