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Wild Atlantic Way Luxury Incense Lemongrass

Wild Atlantic Way Luxury Incense Lemongrass

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Dreaming of embarking on a journey of discovery? May you roam through the beauty of Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way. With its hidden worlds, secret places, alcoves, surf spots, swim spots, outstanding scenery, light, character and of course the locals. The Wild Atlantic Way journey delivers timeless moments of magic and wonder.

Lemongrass is native to south India and is rich in phenolic compounds which contain antioxidants. A journey out West is so good for the soul, it leaves you feeling light and free and BeKind Industries chose the perfect scent in lemongrass to match with the Wild Atlantic Way, celebrating all its rich flora, fauna, countryside and sea breezes.

This hand-rolled and hand-harvested lemongrass blend is a fresh and invigorating scent, that is both subtle and gentle. Its uplifting properties follow an abundance of joy and light.